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Ira S. Biegeleisen – Program Director

Ira S. Bigeleisen – Program Director is the Junior Past Commodore of City Island Yacht Club. He founded City Island Junior Sailing in 2018 after two years of research. He brings a wealth of experience to the program both as a professional and as a volunteer. A life-long sailor, he raced at the College level and was a founder of the Brandeis University Sailing Club. Later, he was a trophy winner in the PHRF Fleet in Oxnard, California.

Ira is a Past Commodore of Anacapa Yacht Club in Oxnard, CA, and served as the Assistant Program Director of Pacific Corinthian Youth Foundation’s Junior Sailing Program for nine years. He holds a US Sailing Level 1 Instructor’s Certificate.

Professionally, Ira served as a clergyman in the Jewish faith teaching children and leading youth choirs for 35 years.

He believes that every child should be given the chance to grow as a person. Sailing is a sport that develops a love of the Marine Environment, teaches the sailor about the balance of the forces of nature, and emphasizes the Corinthian spirit which prioritizes helping others and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Above all, Ira believes that success comes from the growth of the child through mastering the skills and ethos of the sailing community.


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Tel: (347) 692-0696