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Incorporated 1907

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Sailing image

Hempstead Harbor Raft-Up: A Gorgeous Day on the Sound

The Hempstead Harbor day cruise on Aug 25 was a great day!  With good weather – blue skies, 80 degree temps and a gentle breeze, the Restless, Five Star, March Hare, Snowgoose, First Rate, Jupiter 2, Airplane, and Adagio made the quick, two hour jaunt to Hempstead Harbor.  Our pin boat, Ed Woolsey’s Five Star, anchored first.  Then, all other boats rafted up in an organized fashion with no dings in the gel coat or bruised egos.  After getting settled in, we wasted no time starting cocktail hour with some great mixed drinks, beer, Proseco (Airplane’s specialty), and soft drinks.  With the warm weather and a few drinks under our belts, several crew members jumped in the water and cooled off quite effectively.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my drone for aerial photos.  Instead, Dave Z. volunteered to go aloft in the world’s most comfortable bosun’s chair and took some great aerial pix.  Check out the video below.  Once the grills were fired up, we cooked many thick steaks (thanks, Ira) and had a delicious dinner with a variety of appetizers and side dishes.  I think that I sampled appetizers from every boat.  Yum!  One of the highlights was the cruise back to City Island.  After a beautiful sunset, a full moon rose, the breeze picked up and we had a wonderful ride home.