City Island Yacht Club

Incorporated 1907


Fun was had by all during the Cruise to Oyster Bay

CIYC OYSTER BAY Newsletter by Frank Palmieri

Fun was had by all during the Cruise to Oyster Bay and Sagamore Yacht Club June 16-17, 2018. No more need be said, but they told me I had to, so here it is.

The CIYC Cruising season opened with a cruise to Oyster Bay’s Sagamore YC, a 20 mile (approx.)  journey from City Island on Saturday June 16th. Five boats participated including Restless captained by Roger Landau and wife Laurie with crew Saul Ostroff (brother-in-law), Clara Luna (Sister -in-law) joined by Gordon Murray, and Katherine DeFoyd; Excalibur captained by Charles Hurd with friend Wendy; Tara Captained by Christian Kramer and his wife; Rita captained by Arthur Sa with Jacqueline Kerr and CIAO captained by this author and wife Gigi joined by his son, Frank and his wife, Anna (taking pictures). 

The weather could not have been better for the sail up except for the absence of one critical factor – wind. There was precious little of it and most of us ended firing up the iron wind. By 5 PM Saturday all boats were snug at their moorings. Sagamore YC particularly Dockmaster Eric Smith was most hospitable and grouped our boats in one area near each other on the quiet east end of the Sagamore mooring fields near the beginning of West Harbor.

Everyone met at the Sagamore YC clubhouse overlooking beautiful Oyster Bay by 6 PM and got to know each other a little more before dinner.  The 5 boats carried 11 people, but several friends and relatives came by land and joined us for a total of 16. Charlie Hurd and this author discovered, after a few glasses of wine, that we were classmates in college 10 years ago (OK, so it was forty-one years ago-give me a break!).

Sagamore YC was most gracious in accommodating our group. We were greeted by the Commodore Constantine Baris during dinner.  Because it was Father’s Day weekend, but they had asked we use the “short” menu which turned out to be a very nice selection of fish, chicken or ziti Bolognese. All the food was excellent. The house wine selections were also very good as I tried multiple samplings just to make sure. They had live band music on the terrace (for an extra$15.00 charge) which some of us took advantage of. That evening turned out to be cool with a fresh light breeze. Excellent sleeping weather at a quiet peaceful mooring.

The next morning two boats decided to explore Oyster Bay and have breakfast. After a 10-minute walk into town, we discovered an excellent place called “Taby’s” had a pleasant breakfast with myself, Gigi Charlie and Wendy.

Some boats left late morning while others lingered for a bit hoping for a better turn of wind on the return trip but for most of us, the iron wind again held sway. All boats were back to CIYC by Sunday evening.