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Sail Better with Better Trim – Bill Gladstone

Here’s a chance to master the “force”, learn some new strategies from the Jedi Master of sailing, Bill Gladstone himself.  The difference between mid-fleet and podium, between good and great, between crossing and ducking, between holding a lane and fading away, is just a couple percent.  Nothing huge, but the accumulation of many small things that add up to the margin of victory. Great chance to shake off the winter and get your head into the upcoming summer sailing season.

Ticket Price: $25 per person. This event is open to the public and in-person presentation at CIYC.

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BONUS The Galley Restaurant will be open for dinner to attendees and public during this seminar. 

For more info: OR (718) 885-2487

Upwind Trim
You will learn the fundamentals of upwind performance, plus advanced techniques that balance angle of attack, sail depth, and twist in both the main and jib in order to optimize speed and pointing in all conditions. Through animated graphics, photos, and video you will see how the champions do it.

Downwind too
In addition, the course covers the latest in spinnaker trim for both symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers.  You’ll learn critical details in spinnaker shape, weight placement, helm balance, and trim that will allow you to sail faster, deeper, and with better control.

Download North U Sail Trim Simulator 

Bill Gladstone from North U

Bill Gladstone is the Director of North U and author of the North U Racing Trim, North U Racing Tactics, and North U Cruising and Seamanship books and media.  In addition, Bill is a collaborator in the creation of the Rules and Match Racing programs and materials.

Bill’s racing experience covers the spectrum, including everything from dinghies to Maxies, ponds to oceans, and foredeck to helm. He has finished in the money Key West Race Week, the SORC, Block Island Race Week, Chicago NOOD, Annapolis to Newport; Chicago to Mackinac, the Annapolis Fall Series, NYYC Race Week, and Queen’s Cup. Bill raced collegiately for Yale and was founder of the Chicago Sailing Club.

Bill’s cruising grounds range from the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest to the Caribbean and include the Great Lakes and Eastern Seaboard. “The joy of cruising is also its challenge. You get to do and try everything. The learning never stops!”

Bill has been teaching sailing and racing for over forty years. Graduates of his seminars number in the thousands. They are winning races in racing fleets and cruising with confidence the world over.