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Incorporated 1907

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Friday, July 17th, July 31st, August 14th, and August 28th, 2020

1.      The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 – 2020, as amended by these Sailing Instructions, shall govern the series.  In case of conflict, these Sailing Instructions control.  

2.      No spinnakers. Poling out of headsails with whisker or spinnaker poles is allowed.


3.      The start line shall be in the Eastchester Bay between an orange or yellow flag displayed on the committee boat and the nearest mark of the course. The Committee Boat will announce its location on Channel 71 when it arrives on station. 


4.      Course and Marks: The course to be sailed will be broadcast on VHF Channel 71.  All marks are to be left to port. Please see the Mark Locator Chart at for mark locations: 


5.      There will be one division. 


6. Communications:    The Race Committee will endeavor to announce the starting sequence on VHF Channel 71.  All competitors are urged to monitor VHF channel 71 throughout the race.  Remember, commercial vessels monitor VHF channel 13 and will use that channel to communicate if necessary.


7. Starts: The Race Committee will endeavour to roll the startings, meaning that the starting signal for Division 1 will also be the Warning Signal for Division 2.


8.  Finish: The finish line will be between an orange or yellow flag/object on the race committee boat and the nearest mark of the course.


9.  ScoringScoring for PHRF divisions will be calculated using the Time on Time method, using a Time Correction Factor based on the boat’s YRA of LIS PHRF distance rating (TCF=600 / (480+PHRF)). 


9.1 Scoring will be by high point system. The top 5 boats in each fleet will be scored as follows: 1ST – 5 points, 2ND – 4 points, 3RD – 3 points, 4TH – 2 points, 5TH – 1 point, All other boats, 0 points


9.2 One race completed will constitute a series.


9.3 OCS: if you are over early, do not restart, continue on the course. OCS penalties will be as follows: early by up to 1 minute = 5 minute penalty; early by 1-2 minutes = 10 minute penalty; early by more than 2 minutes = DSQ.


10.  Welcome: After the race, the action moves to the CIYC clubhouse for music, drinks, and food.


11.  Safety: The safety of each yacht and her crew is the sole responsibility of the yacht’s captain/owner.  Each yacht and her crew, by participating in this race, agree to do so at their own risk and waive any claim against and hold the race committee, the City Island Yacht Club, its officers, directors, committee members, employees and agents harmless against any claims arising in any way out of participation in the race by such boat and its crew.


12. INFORMATION:  For further information, please contact:

Thomas Delaney

Chairman, Regatta Committee