City Island Yacht Club

Incorporated 1907

Coronavirus Advisory

Dear Friends,

CIYC, like everyone, is dealing with the effects of the Coronavirus epidemic. If you feel sick, please stay home. Please observe the 6’ distancing rule. Safety comes first.

We will still be able to enjoy the use of our boats, and the view from our porch and Summer House. We will still have our friendship.

Here is the latest:

Waterfront and Yard

  1. Boat Launching – We are planning to go ahead with our usual schedule of launching boats beginning April 11, 2020. If you have questions, please contact Jim Lynch at 914-260-4108.
  2. Launch Service – There will be daily launch service from 10 am- 4 pm beginning April 11, 2020. For service outside of those hours, please call Jim Lynch at 914-260-4108.
  3. There will be a limit of 6 persons per trip on the launch.

Club Facilities – Rest Rooms and Lockers

  1. Restrooms – The restrooms will remain open for your use.
  2. Lockers – The basement will be open for you to access your lockers and the rest rooms.

Coronavirus Closings and Restrictions

  1. Restaurant – The restaurant is closed until further notice.
  2. Clubhouse – All interior rooms of the club including the Ballroom, the S. Dining Room, the Trophy Room, and the Board Room are closed until further notice.
  3. PartiesNo gatherings above 10 persons are permitted anywhere on club grounds.

Food and Drink at CIYC

  1. Plates and Utensils – There will be paper goods for your use in the Coffee Room. Please do not use anything that must be washed.
  2. Tables– If you bring in food or drink from the outside, you may eat on the porch, the dock, or in the yard.
  3. Other Dining Areas – The Ballroom, S. Dining Room, the Trophy Room, and the Board Room are closed.
  4. Disposal – Garbage pails will be set up for you to dispose of your waste. You are responsible for self-policing your garbage.

Spring Seminars and Other Events

  1. Events and Meetings – All club events and in-person meetings are cancelled until further notice.
  2. Seminars – All Seminars will take place remotely until further notice. Please go to the club website for further details.

Spring General Meeting

  1. The Spring General Meeting, scheduled for April 1, 2020 is postponed.
  2. In the event that we cannot meet in person, arrangements will be made to meet remotely.


Take care and be well.

We will get through this.


Fair winds and following seas,


Commodore Ira S. Bigeleisen